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Frequently asked questions about Childcare Sage™

The following is a list of pre-sale questions and answers. Many of the questions you might have about our software are probably asked and answered in this list.

Q. Why is your software so much less expensive than the competition?

A. We are asked this question a lot, and the answer is simple. Our goal was to offer the Childcare provider community a complete and professional management package that is also affordable. We keep our expenses low and pass the savings on to you. We don't buy full page ads in multiple childcare related magazines, we don't send out glossy information packages, and we don't employ a large marketing staff. We spend money where it should be spent, on enhancing and supporting the software. However, the real question should not be why our software is so affordable, but why our competitor's software is so expensive?

Q. When does the 60 day money-back guarantee begin?

A. The return period begins the day your order is placed because the software is immediately available for download. In the unlikely event that you want to return the software, we will accept any valid return as long as the postmark is within 60 days of your order date, the green serial number envelope is returned still sealed, and you call us or email us first to get an RMA number.

Q. Do I need to buy two programs to run it on two computers?

A. Our license follows the center, not the computer, so you can install the program on as many computers as you like at your center, at home, on laptops, etc, including networking the program.

Q. If we have more than one center, do we share the software or purchase another?

A. If you keep all the children from all the centers in 1 database, you can use 1 copy of our software. If each location uses its own database, you have to buy a copy for each location.

Please call us for specific license requirements and pricing for your center or centers.

Q. What is the cost for upgrades and how often do you upgrade?

A. First year updates and support are free and included with the purchase price. Annual support and updates after the first year are $100 for regular support, or $125 for networking support which includes support for using our software over a network. Our support includes all updates released during the support period. We never force you to repurchase the software. We normally release an update every 6 months.

Q. Do you offer a demo or trial of the software?

A. If you would like see a live online demo, or try the software installed on your computer, please call us or send us an email.

Q. Do you have references from centers in my area?

A. We provided references in the past, but stopped offering them in 2005. Our reservations about providing references are:
....a) we turn our users into unpaid salespeople, and we have no idea how long a call will last,
....b) we have to call the centers in your area to get permission to give out their information, which interrupts their work, and
....c) we offer a 100% 60 day money back guarantee.

Q. Does full documentation come with the program to look up needed examples or functions?

A. The program comes with full manuals and guides, tutorials, and set up samples that cover every part of the system.

Q. I have a question about the registration code is: Do you have to give me a code to enter into the program before I can start using the program?  Each time my current program fails I must call tech support to get a code entered into my computer before I can use the program again?

A. Our program doesn't work that way. We give you a serial number once to register the program. That same serial number is always valid.

Q. I am looking for software that will allow parents to sign in and out by computer.

A. This software will allow parents to sign in/out by computer and includes a timeclock program that you can install on a separate computer so that no one will have access to your main computer, or to the Childcare Sage.

Q. Could you please explain the Time Clock Feature in a little more detail? What type of hardware is needed? How do you transfer the information back into the main office computer?

A. The timeclock is a separate program that is included with the Childcare Sage package. We recommend that you install the timeclock on a different computer than the main office computer (the computer does not have to be new, it can be as old as 5 or 6 years.) To transfer the timesheet records, you can either network the 2 computers together, or use a USB stick drive (about $20) and our Timeclock Link program to transfer timesheets between the computers. The system is very easy to set up and use.

Q. Can I just use another monitor and keyboard for the timeclock?

A. Although you can just use another monitor and keyboard wired into your main computer, you wouldn't be able to use your main computer while people were signing in/out, and those people would have full access to your main computer.

Q. Do you have swipe card capability with the time clock application?

A. No, we have found that the costs involved in swipe cards do not justify their usefulness. The problem is that each parent and pickup person must have a swipe card and they frequently get lost. You can assign each child, staff member, parent and pickup person up to a 5 digit code which the staff or any pickup person can use to sign in/out. It takes just as long to enter a 5 digit number on a keypad as it does to take out your card, swipe the card, and wait a moment for it to process. We also offer a fingerprint scanning addon for signing in/out.

Q. We have a drop-in center. We were just wondering if this program can be adapted to this type of center. It looks like the record keeping capabilities are exactly what we are looking for, but wonder if the Time Clock feature will work in an hourly center.

A. We offer a special version of the Childcare Sage for drop in centers. Please go to www.dropincaresage.com.

Q. Can your program control a door?

A. Yes, but you will need to purchase a circuit board that lets the computer open the door (please see the door strike manual on our Resources page.) Since you still need a computer to run the timeclock, which will open the door, this functionality is best used in a location that has an indoor area where the computer can be set up.

Q. Does your software produce schedule reports?

A. Yes, the system produces reports that count how many children arrive and leave every hour as well as how many children are at the center in each class for every hour based on either scheduled hours, attended hours, or both. The reports even show staffing requirements for each class for each hour. There are also staff schedule sheets that show which hours each staff member is scheduled for.

Q. I am interested in buying your software. I just want to know what integrated accounting reports can be generated from your package? Do I have to buy an accounting software like Quickbooks to do my accounts P&L and B/S in addition to your software? Is there a check writing facility?

A. You can run reports like total income, total payments received, total payments made to staff, general balance reports that show who owes for charges, center expenses, etc. The accounting functionality is comprehensive and includes check writing.

Q. Is this software compatible with any other accounting software such as Peachtree or Quickbooks?

A. Yes, with Quickbooks Pro, Premiere and Accounting.

Q. Does this system support year-end tax reports?

A. Yes. For parents, the system will generate a report that contains all charges and payments or a report that breaks apart childcare, other expenses, and payments. For the center, there are reports that contain childcare charges, payroll payments, center expenses, and net income.

Q. Can I post expenses on your software?

A. You can post expenses for both Child accounts and center expenses such as rent, utilities, etc.

Q. One of my questions is does the software actually do employee paychecks including taxes and or deductions?

A. Yes. Payroll and paycheck printing is built into the software.

Q. How many years of business does the system keep? Are there at least 2 years of reports available for comparisons?

A. Unlimited, the system will keep all records until you delete them. We also have a year end cleanup utility that will clear prior year charges, expenses, payments, and timesheet records.

Q. By what means is the photo placed in the child’s file? Is it saved and uploaded or what?

A. The software can display any photo that is saved on your computer. You simply use a digital camera to take the photo, upload the pictures to your computer and copy the pictures into a picture/photo folder. You then click on the photo area in the contact card and select the photo file. If you don’t have Microsoft Word on your computer, you must save the file as a .bmp format, otherwise you can use .jpg or .bmp format.

Q. Can other photos be included in the child’s file?

A. Up to 7 photos can be included for each child. (1 for the child, 2 for the parents, and 4 for other pickup persons)

Q. I printed off screen shots which seem small. Also, can users modify/define fields?

A. Users cannot modify or define the screens. Keep in mind that the screenshots are not actual size and all of the screens are larger than the screenshots.

Q. Does the program provide any alerts, i.e., for immunization boosters?

A. Yes it does. There are reports that list all immunizations due for any period you specify and immunization histories.

Q. How does the program back itself up?

A. There is an automatic daily backup to your hard drive, plus the system backs itself up weekly to both an external drive (usb flash drive,) and our server (childcaresage.com).

Q. Does the program keep track of all needed trainings and completed training per employee?

A. Yes, the program uses the same area to keep track of immunizations for children and certification/training for staff. You can also use the staff journal to track training.

Q. Does the report function include an emergency contact list? Is there the ability to add to a child's attendance schedule after it has been entered and can it be entered daily for a month?

A. Yes to all.

Q. We have clients in need of a day care software package capable of monitoring the federal food program. Does your package have that feature?

A. Our system can plan and store menus and meals, and it can track which meals each child ate at the center. The system will produce all necessary CACFP compliant reports including meal counts, reimbursement tier reports, and menu charts.

Q. Does your software have password builts in? If yes, is it a level password (i.e. different password protecting basic information from accounting)

A. There are 6 built in password levels. You can only see staff records in the 5/6 levels.

1) View- lets parents see their child's account by entering in the child's ID. Doesn't allow changes.
2) Change- lets staff change child accounts, but doesn't let them see child financial information
3) Child- lets staff change child accounts, and see but not change child financial information
4) Child$- lets staff change child accounts, and change child financial information
5) Accounting- can do everything except change the passwords
6) System- all functionality

Q. Since I do not live in the US, and therefore make use of a different currency, does this software let you amend the $ sign from all reports, records and invoices?

A. Yes, the software will use whatever the default Microsoft Windows currency format is.

Q. Can the software accommodate Canadian addresses etc.

A. The program currently has 2 address lines and a city, state, zip. You can use the second address line for the Canadian city, province and zip code. You can use the city as the country.

The address would like:
Michael Smith
123 Main Street NW
Montreal QC H37 Y27

The only problem with this is that you will not be able to search for contacts by city, state, zip, but in the childcare program, that should not be a problem.

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